Hengelo apartments for rent

When you first start looking for a room in Hengelo, you may wonder: is it going to be difficult to find the right room? Thanks to Roomspot, it isn’t. We will gladly help you find a room where you feel at home.

Roomspot is an initiative of the municipality of Enschede, the University of Twente, Saxion University of Applied Sciences, SJHT and De Veste. Roomspot exists to help you as a future student in Twente. That is why it is free to register as a student on Roomspot. You can also register if you are not a student.


Living in Hengelo

If you live in Hengelo, you can easily cycle to the campus of the University. But you can get there just as quickly (or even faster) by public transport. Many students travel back and forth every day so the connections are good, buses and trains run very regularly. In addition, it is a very nice city to live! Incidentally, we not only rent out rooms in Hengelo, but also studios and small, cheap apartments.

For the rooms that we rent out, you have to realise they work on the basis of co-optation, which means that the current residents of the house will decide who will be the new resident. As a possible candidate, you therefore have to prepare for viewing/interview evenings. Everyone is unique, so it makes sense that you do not feel at home in every student house. There are many different and diverse group homes, and there will always be a group that suits you.


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As we have already indicated: registration is free. So, there is nothing stopping you from signing up for Roomspot right now. The sooner you register, the sooner you can start looking for a room.


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