Rights and obligations

Rights and obligations
In the Netherlands we have tenancy law. Many tenants are entitled to rent protection (in Dutch: huurbescherming). Rent protection means that the landlord can only evict you from your room or home after permission from a judge. In addition, they must let you know in writing, by registered mail, and six weeks in advance. The landlord may only evict you from your home on certain grounds. The exact rights you have depends on the type of rental contract that you have (signed). With a regular contract, the landlord cannot just terminate the lease, but different rules apply for hospita rooms, campus contracts, intermediate rent, temporary rent, anti-squatting or student hotels. You can find more information about huurbescherming on the websites of the Dutch national government and de Woonbond.

As a tenant you are also entitled to quality of life (woonplezier). This means that the landlord must ensure that the rented property is in good condition and that you can enjoy your home undisturbed. For example, the landlord may not just enter your home without your permission. The landlord must also help you, for example, if you are continuously bothered by your neighbours and you are unable to resolve this yourself.

As a tenant you have to adhere to the rules. Those rules are described in your rental contract. A rental contract often includes an appendix of ‘general provisions’ in which the rights and obligations are stated. Your obligations as a tenant are:

  • Pay the rent on time
  • Do not cause any inconvenience
  • Make minor repairs
  • When you leave the room or home, you must return it in the appropriate condition

In addition, the landlord can include extra rules in your contract about, for example, whether or not pets are allowed.

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