Living on your own

Yes! You have found a nice place to live. Fantastic! Whether you have obtained a room, studio or apartment, it is important to have your affairs properly arranged. How do you start? And above all, where? We can help with this step-by-step plan.

Step 1: Register with the municipality.
If you are going to live in the Netherlands, you must register your new address in person at the municipality. You must so this within 5 days of arriving in the municipality of Enschede or Hengelo. The University of Twente explains on their website how this process works. If you are moving within the Netherlands, or even within a municipality, you still have to register your new address with the municipality. Fortunately, it is possible to do this digitally with your DigiD if you are moving to Enschede or Hengelo. From four weeks before your planned move to 5 days after your move, you can submit the new address details to the municipality.

Step 2: Gas, water, electricity
If you have found a nice living space, you also want to be nice and warm. For this you need gas, water and electricity in your new home. You’d probably like to have internet and/or television as wel.

Step 3: Waste
You may already be wondering as you set up your new home: What do you do with your waste? Read here where you can dispose of your waste.

Step 4: Income
If you live on your own, it is nice to keep an eye on your income and your expenses. This way you avoid having any month left at the end of the money. You can check whether you are eligible for any of the following income support:

Step 5: Expenses
If you are studying or working and you are living on your own, it can be difficult to determine how much money you actually need for things such as telephones, shopping or leisure activities. In the Netherlands, you can contact Nibud for this information. We will also give you a bit more information about the expenses related to housing here.