Tips for comparing energy suppliers

Tips for comparing energy suppliers
Are you going to sign a contract with an energy supplier for the first time? Did you know that if you already have an energy supplier and you are moving, you can usually take the contract with your current supplier with you? If you don’t yet have an energy supplier, or you are looking for a new contract, then it is important that a supplier fits your situation and your ideals. There are comparison websites (such as the Consumentenbond, Independer and Pricewise) that can help you identify the differences between providers. It is always good to think carefully about the following things before signing a contract:

  1. The term of the contract. Can it be cancelled monthly or does it have a minimum term? If you do not yet know exactly how long you will stay in your new room, studio or apartment, it may be wise to opt for a flexible contract, which you can cancel monthly. If you opt for a contract with a fixed term, it is smart to also opt for fixed rates. Otherwise, the supplier can increase the price without you being able to change provider without paying a penalty.
  2. The rates. The comparison websites often ask for an estimate of consumption. This is because the price you pay for gas is made up of various components. The amount is determined by the rate for the energy, the costs for the transport of the energy, VAT, supply charges and the energy tax. By properly estimating your consumption, you can easily see which provider is the most advantageous in your situation. If you have no idea, you can always ask the previous occupant about their usage.
  3. Discounts for new customers. Many energy suppliers give new customers a hefty discount, a welcome bonus. Nice! Please note that this may lapse if you do not stick to the agreements made. Some do not give the welcome discount if you terminate the energy contract prematurely or if you do not have enough money in your account for payment.
  4. Do you think sustainability is important? In that case, check which supplier is the most sustainable and provides the greenest power. Sometimes you can also indicate that you would like to receive green electricity in the Netherlands.

You can also look at extra services that a supplier offers. Some energy suppliers have an app to keep track of your consumption, others offer help in saving energy.