Where you leave your waste depends on where you live.

Do you live on the campus of the University of Twente?
Then you can dispose of your separated waste at various places. There are containers all over the campus for paper, glass and residual waste. On the website of De Veste you can see an overview of the containers on the campus of the University of Twente and check how to sort your waste. De Veste will settle the costs for emptying the containers with you. If you live on campus, you will not receive an environmental pass.

Do you live in Hengelo or Enschede, and not on campus?
Twente Milieu is then responsible for the waste in your neighbourhood. On the homepage of their website, you can enter your zip code and house number and the website will give you personalised information. You can view the waste calendar, which will tell you when each type of waste will be collected, where there are container locations in your area, what the rates are, which waste you can separate and how you can request a new environmental pass.

If you live in a low-rise building (like a single-family house), containers always belong to your (student) home. They are emptied according to the schedule. You may have to pay per emptying. The rates and schedule (afvalkalender) can be found at Twente Milieu, once you enter your postal code and house number.

If you live in a high-rise building (apartment or studio), you will not have containers for your home, but you can use your environmental pass to take your waste to one of the underground containers near your house. You can see where they are on the Twente Milieu website by entering your zip code and house number and then clicking on container locations.

Environmental pass
With the exception of homes on the UT campus, each house number will receive its own environmental pass from Twente Milieu. This pass belongs to the address. You can scan the card to dispose of waste in an underground container. The environmental pass also gives you access to the waste collection points in Enschede or the environmental park in Hengelo. You can dispose of all your waste at the waste collection points and the environmental park. From old mattresses to electronics.