Different types of landlords

Different types of landlords
Are you looking for housing in Enschede specifically? Here you can find out more about housing providers in Enschede and at the University of Twente. These are the various types of housing organisations and landlord:

Housing associations
A housing corporation (in Dutch: woningcorporatie, woningbouwvereniging or wooncorporatie) is an association that focuses on building, managing and renting out high-quality housing at an affordable rental price for people with limited income. Housing corporations are non-profit organisations. They own 75% of social rental houses in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, there are over 300 housing associations. The Dutch government draws up rules that a housing association must adhere to: for example, the maximum amount of rent to is to be paid and the maximum income that a tenant may have in order to qualify.

Commercial landlords
These landlords are often seeking to make a profit. They are part of the private rental sector.The housing that they offer come at different rental prices. Because commercial landlords are not housing corporations, they may charge rents above the social rent limit. Tenants’ income is also do restricted by a maximum amount.

Private landlords
These are homeowners who have a small number of units to rent out. They are in charge of rentals themselves and determine their own rules. Nevertheless, they have to comply with Dutch laws and regulations on tenancy.

Student accommodation
There are various student housing providers throughout the Netherlands. These organisations only rent places to students or to tenants who are otherwise associated with a college or university. They also must adhere to tenancy laws. A student housing provider can be a housing association or a commercial landlord.

Landlord/landlady (in Dutch: hospita)
This is a homeowner who rents out a room in their own house. The owner of the house determines the rules.

Student Hotels
In some cities, there are hotels where you can live as a student. You book a furnished room. Note that renting from these organisations can be extremely expensive. If you rent a room from them, you do not have a lease, because they officially call themselves a hotel. Because you do not have a rental contract, laws on tenancy do not apply and you cannot apply for rent benefit.