(Student) life

You have come to Enschede or Hengelo to study and/or work. Of course, your study or work have priority, but there are many more things to experience and take care of. For example, how do you get to the lecture hall? And which are the best places to go out? We will answer these questions for you below.

Educational institutions
There are several educational institutions in Enschede and Hengelo. They offer training at all levels, and some of them also offer courses that you can follow in addition to your studies or your job. Do you want to study or do a course? Look for possibilities on:

University of Twente
ROC van Twente

There are various options for getting from A to B in Enschede and Hengelo:
• On bicycle
• By scooter
• With public transport

Exercise is good for you and it helps you stay fit. Moreover, you get to know even more people by exercising. Would you like to exercise with (fellow) students? Then take a look at the UT website. Here you will find an overview of all sports and sports clubs on the grounds of the University of Twente. In addition, as a student of UT, you can purchase a Union Card and possibly an additional fitness card, so you can exercise at a discount. As a Saxion student, you can also get a discount on various sports. Are you interested in joining a regular sports club that is not just for students? Sportaal offers a complete list of all options for sports in and around Enschede.

Going out
At Visit Enschede or Uit in Hengelo, you will find an list of all clubs, discos, bars, shops, restaurants, events, cinemas, theatres, outdoor activities, walks and group outings.

Study and student associations
When you study, your study programme often has its own study association. These associations are run by students of that particular programme and is intended for students in the same programme. They organise many study-related and social events, such as excursions, outings and parties. As a student, you can participate in these activities or you can help with organising them. In this overview, you can find the study associations at the University of Twente. If you are a student of Saxion, it is best to ask there is someone who can tell you more. In addition, there are various student associations and (independent) fraternities. A student association is all about socialising and getting to know other students. In Enschede, you can become a member of AEGEE-Enschede, Audentis, A.S.V. Taste and C.S.V. Alpha.

Furnish your place
If you are coming here to work or study, you probably will not be able to bring all your belongings. This means that you will probably have to buy some items to furnish your room, studio or apartment. If have a limited budget and you want to give goods a second life, you can look for second-hand items at:

• Marktplaats, the online place to see what is offered by other individuals or companies in your area.
• the thrift store (kringloopwinkel, for instance  Het Goed). There are several thrift shops in Enschede and Hengelo where private persons can bring their second-hand items and you can buy them for next to nothing.
University of Twente - marketplace. This is a Facebook group where (former) students and (former) employees of UT offer second-hand items in and around Enschede.

Student discount
As a student, you can get discounts in Enschede, and sometimes also in Hengelo, at shops, cinemas, hairdressers and more. Some organisations participate, some do not. You can often get a student discount in different ways:

• by showing your student card.
• students can get the Study in Enschede discount card for free. This allows you to get a discount at Swapfiets, Rijksmuseum Twenthe and a lot of other organisations.
• with the Knaek card, students can get a discount at Starbucks, Domino's, Blokker and Spar.

Information and tips
For more information and tips about life in Enschede and Hengelo, visit Study in Enschede, Visit Enschede or Uit in Hengelo.