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Are you ready to live on your own? Via Roomspot you can quickly and easily see the available student houses in Enschede where you can enjoy your freedom. We strive to ensure that students (and young people) like you find a room in a student house in Enschede, Hengelo or on the campus of the University of Twente without any trouble.

The homes you see on our website are not rented out by Roomspot, but by the housing corporations affiliated with Roomspot: SJHT and De Veste. Roomspot is showcase for these housing corporations, particularly focused on students and young people. If you find a room or studio through us, you sign a contract with one of those parties. Do you have any other questions? Then you can simply contact your landlord.

SJHT rents out rooms to young people (between 18 and 30 years old) with a minimum income. De Veste is for people affiliated with the University of Twente, like students, but also employees and PhD students. Age is not an issue, as long as you are affiliated with a university or college.


Living in Enschede

Living and studying in Twente means living and studying in a friendly, safe and green environment. The quality of the education offers you the opportunity to develop yourself. There are a variety of associations, sports clubs and events organised for and by students. Examples include the introductory period and study trips. This contributes to a fun student time, both in and outside the lecture hall. In the nicest student city in the Netherlands (2018), there is always something for everyone.


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