Student housing Hengelo

You are looking for a student residence in Hengelo, a new home for your student days. Are you the type of student who eats and plays games with your roommates after a long day of studying? Or are you someone who just wants to be left alone for a while? Whatever way you wish to organise your student life, you need a place where you can live comfortably. At Roomspot you've come to the right place. We will help you in your search for the right place!

We rent out rooms in student houses, studios and apartments in the centre of Hengelo and Enschede and on the campus of the University of Twente. Via Roomspot you can find a home to rent through SJHT or De Veste. Together we stand for affordable and reliable accommodation during your student days.


Living in Hengelo

Hengelo is a medium-sized and quiet city in Twente. You can easily cycle to the campus from the centre of Hengelo. In addition, there are many buses and trains that take you to the university. You can enjoy yourself with your fellow students and friends in the various cosy bars and cafés that Hengelo has to offer. Of course, there are also all kinds of sports clubs in Hengelo where you can work on staying fit.

Imagine ...

You have registered with Roomspot, set your filters correctly, responded quickly to a lot of rooms that appeared online and you have been invited to view a room. What’s next? Good question!

When looking for a room, it is important to know that the current residents determine who will be the new roommate. In Dutch, we call this ‘hospiteren’. In practice, it means that you and a number of other candidates are invited to a so called ‘hospiteer’-evening. During the evening you, together with the other candidates, get to know the residents. Finally, the residents choose who they think best suits the group. Hopefully they choose you!

Sounds like a good plan, right? Register at Roomspot today! Your registration is free and valid for one year. What are you waiting for?


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